Generator Hire


This generator is a light-weight, whisper quiet, petrol generator with inverter that produces 12V and single phase 240V commercial grade electricity. Suitable for electrically sensitive appliances, such as laptops. Very reliable and economical 4-stroke engine.

  • 2 x 240V outlets (single phase -15Amp)
  • USB (5V-2Amp) charging
  • 12V-8 Amp Battery charging



  • Camping and recreational
  • Portable power for tools and appliances in construction
  • Emergency power¬†


A heavy-duty, skid or trailer-mounted 15KVa diesel generator producing single phase 240V and 3-phase 415V power a range of tools, machines and larger electrical appliances for the construction site or industrial application. It features silenced operation.



  • Industrial and commercial applications – small power shutdowns
  • Shows, local markets, events, etc
  • Temporary, emergency and standby power
  • Utilities
  • Mining applications
  • Construction sites
  • Telecommunications and data centers

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